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Dr. Vasundhara Doraswamy gained her initial training in Pandanallur Style of Bharathanatyam. Over the years, with her experience and creativity has been able to give it a unique footprint of her own which is being recognized by the dance fraternity and the art connoisseurs in her performances and that of her students'. This transformation was never a drastic or intentional move but something that evolved into a beautiful piece of art over the years.

As a venerated Guru, Dr Vasundhara has been successful in generating disciples who have imbibed her every move, look (Drishti) & nuances needed etc in the way they perform. It is not an easy task for any teacher to leave such a footprint that the audience can see her/him in their student. Dr Vasundhara has been successful of doing this through a legacy of her 3 generations of students.

Dr Vasundhara's strong footing in Yoga as a practitioner and further as an exponent of martial arts was what inspired her to experiment with the boundaries of the classical dance of Bharatanatyam.

Whereas incorporation of Yogic postures added to the gorgeousness of the dance form, regular practice of Yoga helped her in perfecting the geometry of the movements making the choreographies a visual treat. Martial arts provide inestimable vibrant energy to these movements. Use of singular hastas, alluring gaits, abhinaya which can communicate easily with the common man, modifications of the adavus, aharya, inimitable feather-touch footwork , all within the traditional framework ,have led to a unique footprint that is today identified and recognised by one and all as “Vasundhara Style”. The primary objective of the style is use Angikabhinaya for aesthetic delineation. These innovations have been instrumental in taking Bharatanatyam to a wider audience.

Tradition is not static and it embraces preservation, innovation and transmission. In this connection, Winston Churchil’s quote seems much relevant, “Without tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd and without innovation, it is a corpse”.